Extra Revenue,
Proven Results.

In-house guests receiving individualized marketing services from Staytus spend +10–30%* more on F&B, Spa, Activities and other ancillaries than guests not receiving the marketing services.

Every Season,
Every Guest.

The guest mix of this five-star resort shifts from leisure during high season to business and MICE during the rest of the year. Staytus’s custom algorithms instantly adapt to every guest, generating significant extra revenue all year round.

Fine Dining,
Extra Covers.

This historic 250-room hotel has a
Michelin–starred restaurant. The problem: only locals and frequent guests know about it. Powerful, tailored storytelling from Staytus increased in-house guest covers and subsequent revenue by almost +80%.

Extra Capture
at the Spa.

This urban 200-room luxury property suffered from low capture on Spa. By tailoring messages to different in-house guest profiles it boosted capture by +61% and tripled repeat usage. That’s nearly 150 additional treatments per month.

Room Service,
Revenue Up.

This city center gem has a limited but compelling offering. By targeting high value guests with relevant menu items at relevant moments Staytus adds an average of +$10 in room service revenue per guest per night: that’s a +37% improvement over the hotel’s regular room service business.

Bar & Nighttime,
Extra On-Spend.

This landmark city center hotel has a compelling bar and nightlife offering.
Staytus ensures that business travellers and conference group members are aware at just the right moment, and footfall in the outlets is up significantly.

Extra Capture,
Extra Profit.

This 300-room five star property has excellent propositions for in-house guests and active programs to capture them. With Staytus, they consistently add over +$170,000 in revenue per month, on top of the best they can do. With fixed costs covered, the majority of that revenue falls straight to the bottom line.

average check.

This five-star beachfront property often has guests with dinner included. By carefully targeting the extensive wine list and special supplemental theme evenings, Staytus increased the average check by +21%.

and Excursions.

Swimming is the only way to leave this isolated island resort. Yet beyond just F&B, opportunities abound for guests to experience nature, culture and romance. By targeting each guest with the activities most likely to interest him or her, revenue from activities is up +31%.